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One of the world's most significant manufacturers of large diesel engines and complete propulsion systems, mtu engines power heavy agricultural and rail vehicles, 工业应用, 大型船只. mtu diesel engines are capable of power outputs up to 10,000 kW, and gas engines up to 2,535 kW. Beyond their standard engines, mtu offers customized engine and system solutions for unique applications.


Need mtu engine or system service? In the market for a new engine or automation system?

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mtu服务 & 修复

Owning an mtu engine or system is an investment—and it will need protection and care to ensure your product performs at its best. From heavy grade excavators and commercial mining equipment to pleasure craft and marine defense vessels, we service the machines you rely on the accomplish the job on time and on budget.

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mtu controls power with intelligent electronics, using modern management systems to enable top performance. They have a global reputation for producing reliable, cutting edge technology with an extreme range of products.

Whether you’re searching for an engine or a specific part, W.W. 国外正规买球app has your solution. We sell diesel engine solutions for a variety of applications, including: